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Winter operation of Bezau cable car daily to 10 March 2024.

Niedere T-bar lifts closed for the rest of the season.


Gliding through the air – From Bezau, up to the top

In just a few minutes, you will be enchanted by a breathtaking panoramic view and an idyllic winter scenery.

The new aerial tramway ”Funifor“ accommodates 60 passengers. Up to 360 people can be transported per hour. Comfortably and quickly, the tramway takes its passengers from Bezau up to Baumgarten (1648m). A 930 meters altitude difference in just a few minutes and a spectacular panoramic view are included.


Panoramic view - the whole year round

Enjoying a lot of sun, culinary delights, climbing the summit, hiking, walking, strolling, magnificent views - the whole year round.


Savouring with eyes open

The light-flooded interior of the restaurant offers 150 seats. A grand scale terrace provides 250 seats, as well as high-quality service.


Hiking through glittering snow

Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the sun!


Feeling the wind blowing around your nose

On a more than 3 km long forest sledging run from Baumgarten to Sonderdach, an exciting winter adventure for the whole family is guaranteed.


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